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    We run a farming operation between Dubbo and Dunedoo NSW. We are educating children and all the usual things an every day family does. We have a side line business producing a homemade Worcestershire Sauce and we have FutureAg.

    We started looking for alternative sources of nutrients for our farm years ago, our fertilzer costs were spiralling and unpredictable. We were needing to use more and more each year for the same results, our soils were becoming more and more toxic and the stock were not performing. Our stock chemical usage was also spiralling. After looking (for too long) we tried TNN Minerals Plus on our stock and were blown away by the results. We made enquiries with the major merchandise stores in Dubbo, they were not interested in helping me source more minerals so I rang TNN Industries direct, I was invited to become a distributor and jumped at the opportunity. FutureAg was born and we continue to live and love what we do. We get a real sense of achievement helping other farmers, watching their places improve, being told constantly how much better their stock are performing, and how their bottom lines are improving. They are drastically reducing their stock chemical costs, their fertilizer costs are constant, ( easy to budget for). Using the TNN complete system we have now found what we were looking for. We believe we have the answers - naturally


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Please use this if you are interested in increasing the health of your land and your stock.

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