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    Geoff & Margaret Frankham

    Two years ago I was introduced to a product called TNN Mineral Plus.This product is designed to supply Minerals and vitamins to live stock when they are grazing on very low nutrition feed, feed that is very low in energy.The soil type that my stocks are grazing on is a very light sandy soil, very acid, a ph 4.5 and very high in aluminium.   At this stage it is very hard to get improved pastures established. The main grasses growing here is spear grass, wire grass and some rye grass. 
    I have never been able to mark any more than 85% - 90% lambs.  Since using Mineral Plus I am marking 110%.  Some of these lambs weighed 45kgat 12 weeks of age, although I will have to say the introduction of Samm Rams has helped this along.

    The season here is very dry we have only had 75% of our normal rain fall for the year.  The ewes have maintained their body weight right through as well as rearing the lambs.I have been able to reducing the need to drench for internal pastures.  I have some lambs weighing 45kg-50kg that have never been drenched for internal parasites.I have found that any one that has used this product continues to use it. That it makes that much difference to the stock management.

    TNN advise me it would take a number of years to correct the deficiencies in the soil with the fertilizers and soil conditioners that they have available, but I can see a very marked improvement in the live stock in one year.

    Louise Kelly Jarvis Springs 02 60 712238

    Last year after analysing our soil samples and observing signs of mineral deficiency in our cattle (some were going orange due to copper deficiency), we started investigating options.  We also had some cattle that weren't putting on weight over the summer months. The obvious approach was to correct the soil deficiencies, however that is a longer term and more costly approach. After research and speaking with Max from TNN we decided to trial the TNN MINERAL PLUS  with Vitamin A D and E. We applied it as an oral drench with Apple Cider Vinegar to stimulate rumen and Molasses. We noticed a difference within 2 weeks.  The cattle were noticeably calmer, chewing their cud earlier, shiny coats, putting on weight. We decided to make it a cornerstone in our backgrounding cattle program.  After a number of months we are delighted.  The agent kept commenting how shiny the cattle were, healthy and quiet.  The buying agent was very impressed with the behaviour and condition. We also have had a problem with pink eye in a few cattle that we bought in.  As well as applying local treatment, we also routinely give them extra oral drench.  We have found that the cattle pick up faster and the infection is easier and faster to control.  We deliver the minerals in an initial dose when they first arrive (180 ml - 50 ml TNN MINERAL PLUS, 30 - 40 ml ACV (from White gum apples), 50 ml molasses, 50 ml water), and then depending on the time of year, have put a MINERAL PLUS dose in lickadrums. We also bought some heifers in very poor condition in December.  We gave them 2 doses 3 days apart.  They are unrecognisable within one month - and that is on dry feed. We now have confidence in being able to get sustainable weight gain (1-2 kg per day) and for the cattle to be able to utilise the existing pastures.  It is very cost effective. For an investment of less than 3 cents per day  we have enjoyed an average of an extra 40 cents per day return on our beef cattle    The MINERAL PLUS is an outstanding product, cost effective and delivering observable and measurable results.  We have also used some TNN 15-5-5 and TNN SWIFT-CAL liquid fertilisers in 4 paddocks, and we have noticed a faster regrowth following rain and the cattle preferentially graze those paddocks when there are adjoining gates open.  We will be applying the TNN fertiliser to more paddocks in the autumn. Love the products and more than happy to take phone calls. The condition of our cattle are amazing - even on dry grass.  We will be getting cattle in over the next 2 days to weigh and sort with looking to send 2 loads off in about 6-8 weeks.

    So thanks Max and staff - great products that really add value and help farming to be sustainable and profitable.

    Garth Rodrom via Mudgee

      Last year I used TNN FCMP for the first time as I had been using Minerals Plus for 2 years with good results.
          Paddock 1 with the FCMP and Formula 1, I sowed a 8 hectare paddock with oats at a rate of 110kg FCMP and 25kg Formula 1 to the hectare and then I sowed a 6 hectare paddock next to it with oats and Crop Lifter at a rate of 75kg to the hectare and this is paddock 2. What I found was that paddock 1 was a little slower to get established, about 3weeks, but by this time both paddocks were growing to gether and at about 10 weeks I started to feed 105 ewes and 120 lambs on the 2 paddocks on a dayly rotation of 5hrs each day. The ewes and lambs would run into paddock 1 and fan out and eat for most of the time where in paddock 2 they would fan out and eat for half the time and come back to the gate and camp at paddock 1 gate. After about 1 month of this I opened the gate between the 2 paddocks so that they could use both paddocks when let in of a morning and I soon found that paddock 1 was being eaten out and paddock 2 was hardly touched. Both paddocks were only for grazing. The root system on paddock 1 was about 3 times as large as paddock 2 and the stems on paddock 1 were solid as against paddock 2 being partly hollow and paddock 1 came back quicker and better when the summer rains came.
           With the drench I have found that the season break in the wool has lessoned, I shear at the end of September. Last year I thought we would get a 60% season break but we ended up with a 35% break as we had a bad summer and late autumn rain. The only chemical drench that I have use is to control a Barbers Pole out break in the last 2 years.

    Geoff Bell


    When using TNN FCMP against traditional superphosphate for the first time this year, I was very impressed. I had two paddock applications done side by side on the same day and at the same rates. One was with traditional superphosphate and one was FCMP.

    After initially observing the results it appeared that the grass appeared to be greener from the FCMP and I also noted that I had no grass tetany for the first time ever and only in this paddock. The paddock had been grazed evenly and my stock condition and health are better because of it. What has been most evident is the lack of scouring when compared to the stock on the traditional fertiliser application. This made me consider my livestock health management but as all livestock were managed on an even keel I know what the main driver has been.

    From what I have seen this year I intend to use FCMP over the rest of my farm next year. 


    Extract from Guyra Local Paper

     GUYRA grazier, Geoff Bell was sceptical when he first heard of TNN fertilisers. How could this phosphate fertiliser ensure stable yields, reduce soil acidity and save him money, year after year?

    With a little push from Supreme Country's fertiliser rep, David Murrell , Mr Bell trialled the fetiliser in one of his grazing paddocks. Amazed with the outcome, he is now opening his property, 'Loch Lomond' for local farmers to see the outstanding results for themselves.

    "I didn't know whether I wanted to change (fertilisers) but I said I'd trial one paddock and I've been very happy I took the risk," Mr Bell told The Express.

    "It's done such a good job, I can't get over the difference. There are a lot of things out there and you say 'this is going to be better' and 'this is going to be good', but none of it has come anywhere near what this (fertiliser) has.

    "The grass is greener and healthier, the paddock had been grazed evenly and my stock's condition and health are better because of it. The scouring of the cows has stopped and there's no scours in the calfs either.

    "The other paddocks are nowhere near as good. All the wildlife, the deer and kangaroos, they all stay in (FCMP treated) paddock now. The grass is sweeter, it has a better taste."

    John Waterman, CEO of Supreme Country, was also sceptical when he first came across TNN but after seeing the results he is now recommending the product to clients.

    "I spent 20 years in the cotton industry and through those 20 years so many people have tried to flog off so many snake oil, so I'm always so sceptical," he said. "To actually see it work, to see the results first hand, of two products being put on the same day, side-by-side, it's totally reassuring.

    "It's just phenomenal, the stock just look so good. They are healthier and fatter. The feed (in other paddock) has been selectively grazed and you can see it's more prone to disease - that just wasn't happening on the other side of the fence. It's just chalk and cheese.

    "People aren't getting a response from traditional superphosphate anymore so (TNN's) a winner for getting dollars back into the farmers' pockets and it's a winner for impacts on the environment.

    "One of the biggest things that's been happening with the traditional fertilisers is that their contributing to soil acidity. (TNN) is neutralising it and bringing back the soil's pH and correct base saturations.

    "Normal superphosphate is water soluble so it dissolves - a certain amount runs off the paddock and into the creeks. A fair bit of it goes past the plants' roots and into the water table and it's having offsite impacts.

    "TNN is only activated by more acidic soil like the soils around here. It doesn't go into a water soluble form, it is in a gel state and is only made available as the plant grows. It's available on a needs basis.

    "This means it's fully available. You're not losing it through the soil profile and you'll end up using all of it. On a cost per unit basis you're getting a lot bigger bang for your buck and you'll get a lot more longevity out of the product."

    While the science behind TNN may be complex, the notion is simple - local farmers are seeing real results.

    "From what I have seen this year, I'll be sticking with this," Mr Bell said.

    Tony Fitzpatrick

    I have been using Mineral Plus for sheep for 10 years.  The last year of drought had 85% drop of twins and 110% overall with merino crossbred ewes.  Neighbours wer only getting 60-65%.  Younger ewes lambing before older ones with no birthing complications.  Lambs weighing out at 22kg no footrot, pinkeye, lice and flies are not a problem.  We are growing a much stronger fibre wool.  We also use TNN FCMP on pastures and cerial crops.


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