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Unlocking Potential by Working with Nature to Achieve Excellence in Sustainable & Biological Agriculture

We are proud to be part of the revolution towards natural, healthy and Sustainable farming systems. Our animal and soil health products are all natural, are kind to the environment, kind to the user and kind to the consumer.

We provide animal and soil health solutions using natural and biological systems for small to large scale producers.

We are happy to sell and recommend TNN Australia Natural Products


Mighty Min Supplements is a trace element supplement for all livestock. It is a supplement to increase dietary intake of certain trace minerals where intake by livestock may be low. TNN Australia Mighty Min employs a unique chelation process to assist in mineral uptake.

FCMP - (Fused Calcium Magnesium Phosphate)- satisifies an urgent need in Australia for a non-acid Phosphorous Fertilizer which will reduce acidity in soils, will not leach into waterways or become fixed or immobile in the soil and will ensure stable yields for an extended period of time.

Build & Protect is pure soil bacillus. As a living organism, bacteria ideally like to live in a moist, comfortable, and oxygen rich soil. Build & Protect has no chemical fertilizers or animal meats and is totally organic.

Long Acting Urea - with Potassium and Humic Acid and Trace Elements. Long Acting Urea has a polymer coating which slows dissolvability, prevents ammonification and prevents nitrification

Our product range also contains a full range of foliar sprays - including fertilisers, trace elements and Biological sprays

We can organise independant and comprehensive soil testing

We can improve your Bottom Line - Naturally

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